Enhanced Speed is the ability to move faster than a regular human is capable of.


Users of this ability is capable of running at extremely fast speeds. They've been know to be fast enough to run on walls and water, these "speedsters" are capable of running at least 600 to 700 miles per hour., this ability also applies to their hands and arms as well. Users of this ability can think, move, and react at superhuman speeds. They can easily dodge multiple bullets shot at point blank range and move far in excess of supersonic speeds; their stamina is also greatly increased. With this ability they are also left unaffected by time being stopped however, while time is stopped, the user is incapable of running at fast speed, they move at the same rate a normal person would. If this ability is amplified, the speedster is capable of moving faster than the speed of light which allows them to time travel. However in freezing temperatures a speedster can be slowed down.

Known UsersEdit