Elemental Control is the ability to manipulate and control the elements. These elements are wind, fire, water, and earth. There are several forms of element control, however, it is currently unknown what are the limits to this power.

Also Called Edit

  • Elementalism
  • Elemental Manipulation

Capabilities Edit

The user of this ability is able to do things such as manipulating storms, growing trees from nothing, create forces of wind strong enough to throw grown men across the room and even manipulate the northern lights.

The limits and effects of this ability are currently unknown, but appear diverse. She has demonstrated some aspects of her ability, including manipulating the northern lights and causing them to appear as far south as Los Angeles, as well as neutralizing a storm before it hits her location . The ability has offensive capabilities, with Malina being capable of hurling two fully grown men across a span of at least six meters through the direction of what appears to be air currents.. She has also demonstrated the manipulation of water to save Luke from drowning.

Malina also has the ability to hasten biological processes, awakening a flock of hibernating butterflies and accelerating the growth of a tree . It seems she can also manipulate insects, directing a swarm of bees from flower to flower in her great-grandmother's garden.

Malina has the ability to boost her power by combining powers with her twin brother who can temporarily absorb her power. However, without a conduit, the two cannot control the power she releases and will die. With a proper conduit and Tommy boosting her power, Malina was able to shield the planet from the H.E.L.E. which she was not strong enough to stop on her own.

Known Users Edit