El Vengador is a vigilante that is believed to be an evo that was spawned from the tragedy of the unity summit on June 13th. Since then he has been saving people in need, even going as far as creating some form of underground railroad for evos to escape persecution. Oscar Gutierrez was the original El Vengador until he was set up and murdered, now his brother, Carlos has put on the mask in order to fulfill his brother's dying wish.


Heroes RebornEdit

In "Brave New World (Reborn)" El Vengador is watching the streets from on top of a building when a lady runs through an alley. She is being chased by two men, so El Vengador jumps off the building onto a car and then he attacks the two criminals but is shot twice by the girl, who was being chased. As it turns out, the entire thing was a trap set up in order to kill him. He throws a knife at the woman's neck, killing her. As the police show up, he limps away.

In Odessa" When Oscar Gutierrez dies, he passes on the identity of El Vengador to his brother Carlos Gutierrez.

In "Under the Mask" El Vengador arrives at the hideout of some EVO's and tells them to leave because they've been tracked down. The street out back is clear, he tells them to go that way and they do. He gets into a fight with captain Dearing, wanting to know why he's hunting EVO's. He learns that captain Dearing is also an EVO, as he throws El Vengador through the a door and a wall. He is getting beaten badly, so he decides to retreat by jumping out of a window to get away.

In "The Lion's Den", El Vengador is in the garage of the police precinct, he's waiting for Dearing to be transported, he sees the van and gets them to stop, then he knocks out both officers and saves captain Dearing, he tells him that he wants to know where Jose Gutierrez and the priest are at then he throws Dearing in the trunk