Sector 62.97
First Mentioned: Under the Mask
Outcome: Global tracking of EVOs

E.P.I.C is a tracking system designed to hunt down EVOs. Renautas has been developing this system for the last several, however, they didn't have what was needed to complete this design until recently.


Epic glasses 7
Renautas found a way to harness Molly Walker's ability which allows them to find every evolved human on the planet. This system has the capacity of remote viewing of all EVO hostiles. They can scan anyone, anywhere at anytime. However, soon after the unveiling of the system, Molly Walkers kills herself, thus, resulting in the global scan going offline but local scan is still active. With the currents status of E.P.I.C, EVOs can only be detected within the near by area. Erica Kravid was even able to detect a EVO within the building while she was revealing the system.




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