Diana Scarwid is an American actress. She has done work in film, theater and television. Diana left Georgia, the place of her birth, at the age of 17 and headed to New York to become an actress. Diana graduated from Pace University and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts simultaneously and completed the dual program as an honor student. Diana was very active with the University of Georgia Theater Workshop, as well as several other school theatre programs.

Diana's first film appearance was in Louis Malle's "Pretty Baby". She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as John Savage's girlfriend in the film "Inside Moves". Diana is probably most recognized for the role that followed, the much abused adopted daughter of Hollywood legend Joan Crawford in the film "Mommie Dearest".

Diana was generally well applauded for playing the voice of reason in the film, although several critics noted that her Southern accent appeared frequently in the film.

Like her costar Faye Dunaway, Diana's appearance in the film typecast her. With isolated exceptions like "Silkwood", in which she earned critical reviews as Cher's girlfriend, Diana was largely confined to lesser work in "B" films such as "Psycho III" and "Brenda Starr".

Diana went on to portrayed Rose Kennedy in the made-for-TV JFK: The Restless Years in 1993, and Bess Truman in the HBO film Truman in 1995, for which she earned an Emmy nomination.

More recently, Diana was in the film "What Lies Beneath". In 2003, Diana appeared in "Party Monster" as controversial club promoter Michael Alig's mother. In 2004, she landed a contract role in the Fox television series Wonderfalls. However, the show was cancelled after only a few airings.

Scarwid has been married to Eric Sheinbart, a physician, since 1977. The couple have two children, Jeremy and Ursula.


Diana Scarwid graduated (as mentioned before) from Pace University and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Diana has guest starred on the hit TV show 'Lost'.

In 1982, Diana won a Razzie Award for 'Worst Supporting Actress' in "Mommy Dearest".

Diana is 5'5" tall.

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