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Coach Lewis is an Evo who dies in an evo meeting.

Character HistoryEdit

Coach Lewis was the coach at Pinehearst high school. He arrived in Chicago to attend a meeting for evos, they discuss the summit and how they've been persecuted for no reason, he knows that Mohinder Suresh wasn't the mastermind behind June 13th. Once Luke revealed what his true intentions were, he and Joanne began shooting but Lewis was able to use his ability to temporarily stop them but the effect didn't last long and he was then killed.


  • Pyrokenesis: Like others with pyrokinesis, Coach Lewis was able to create fire with his hands. The fire he created has been described as a "hot ball of living flame", which he was able to throw (though it still could be extinguished with a fire extinguisher). Coach Lewis's ability also allowed him to create a "concussive wave" which he once threw at Luke Collins, knocking him back. Even in his death, Coach Lewis's blood was extremely flammable "like gasoline".