Christopher was Emma's young nephew who drowned six years ago.

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Hysterical BlindnessEdit

Doctor Coolidge tells Emma its been six years since Christopher died and she should go back to treating patients like she should instead of hiding out in the file room, which, in response, Emma claims she isn't hiding.


Peter sees a picture of Christopher on top of the piano Emma is playing and asks her about him. Emma tells him Christopher was her nephew who she was babysitting one day when he drowned while she was distracted. Emma, at the time a medical student about to head into her second year, tried to revive him but was unable to and he died. His death caused her to quit medical school and not become a doctor. After saving a little girl named Megan with the help of Peter and with Peter's encouragement, Emma seems to finally get over his death or at least forgive herself and apparently decides to go back to medical school to become a doctor like she'd previously wanted.


  • According to writer Howie Kaplan, "Chris is Emma's uncle. Her nephew, Christopher, was named after him."
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