Charles Deveaux was the father of Simone Deveaux and a patient of Peter Petrelli.



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Season 1Edit

Charles in a coma

Charles lays in a coma in his apartment.("Genesis")

In his apartment, Charles was being taken care of Peter Petrelli. When Charles' daughter, Simone, entered the apartment, Peter pointed out to her that Charles liked Peter to read the stock page of the newspaper. Peter informed her that Charles has been comatose for a week and that he will soon die. Simone expressed her thanks to Peter for taking care of Charles, saying that he was like a son to him. ("Genesis")


  • Telepathy: Episode "1961" depicts Charles Deveaux exhibiting powers of telepathy. He demonstrated both the power to probe the minds of others and impose his own thoughts upon large groups of people. It is unclear whether or not he retained these powers in his later years of life, e.g. during his introduction in the series as a man on his deathbed. Audiences are still left to speculate as to whether or not Arthur stole his power; and why Daniel Linderman did not heal Charles' mortal condition.