Bryan Fuller was a co-executive producer, writer and former consulting producer of Heroes. Fuller left the writing staff at the end of Volume One and re-joined the writing staff in Volume Four. He left again during Volume Five.

The chapters he has written are:

Volume OneEdit

Heroes s01e04
  • Collision - The heroes have possibility to connect with one another as Mohinder puts together the final clues to their, whereabouts, but will it be too late for the cheerleader?
Heroes s01e17
  • Company Man - Mr. Bennet's shocking past is revealed and Claire's home life is changed forever after a terrible explosion.

Volume FourEdit

Heroes s03e20
  • Cold Snap - Noah convinces Emile Danko, a.k.a. “The Hunter”, to release Tracy from “Building 26,” in hopes that she will lead them to “Rebel.” As Angela evades capture, she turns to an old friend for help. In Los Angeles, Hiro and Ando continue on their latest mission from “Rebel” to protect the newest hero.

Volume FiveEdit

Heroes s04e03
  • Acceptance - As Hiro’s life continues to hang in the balance, he distracts himself with saving the lives of others. Meanwhile, Angela tries to help the new “Nathan” remember his past, at the risk of his remembering too much. Elsewhere, Tracy is determined to get her old job back, but soon realizes that she needs to make more of an impact.

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