Brad is a football player and student at Pinehearst High school. He is Emily Duval's ex-boyfriend.

Heroes RebornEdit

In "Brave New World (Reborn)" Brad is in the hallway at school with his girlfriend Emily and he sees Tommy looking at her, he shoves Tommy against the locker and hits him in the stomach.

In "Odessa" He catches Tommy in a shed by the school with Emily at displaying his ability of Teleportation. He confronts Tommy on being a evo and he tells him that he's going to the authorities, Tommy convinces him that he isn't a bad guy and Brad agrees to keep his secret as long as he does him a favor first. He brings Tommy to his house and tells him to make his stepdad disappear because he's useless, aggressive and abusive, he leaves the room and tells Tommy that his stepdad better be gone by the time he returns. Brad later finds Tommy and gives him a hug and he thanks him because he thinks Tommy is the one who got rid of his stepdad.

In "Under the Mask" Brad throws a party his his house, he lets everyone know that Tommy is the reason for all the beer.

In "The Needs of the Many" He shows up after the car accident with Emily to check on Tommy and his mom. Tommy wants to know why they are there, Emily says they are there because they were worried about him.