H.R.G. tries to save a young fire-starter. Lydia has a daughter, Amanda. A year ago, Amanda's ability manifested attracting the attention of HRG and Meredith Gordon. But with Primatech facing its own set of problems, does HRG have the necessary patience to deal with an explosive young woman?


At Carol Strazzulla's home in New England, Noah and Meredith speak with Carol Strazzulla, Amanda's guardian. They look around the front yard, where multiple things have been burned to the ground. Carol explains that Amanda has a lot of her mother in her. She tells Meredith and Noah that Amanda is actually her niece and her real mother, Lydia, was a lot like Amanda. As Meredith and Noah drive, they differ in opinion. Meredith believes that Amanda is just a scared kid but Noah tells her that not everyone is like Claire. They find Amanda at a pet shop and take her outside.

Amanda explains that she didn't mean to kill Twinkles and that she just wanted to protect Iggy. Meredith comforts her and tells her that she knows she didn't mean to throw fire. Amanda asks what she means and a police car shows up. Amanda sees that Noah and Meredith lied to her and becomes very angry. Noah sees the police car begin to heat up and tells Meredith to duck. Amanda screams that she will not get into the car and it explodes. Amanda runs and Noah tells Meredith that she is not a pyrokinetic. As they are about to go after her, Noah receives a message telling him that Level 5 has been compromised. The two of them leave, saying that they have bigger fish to fry.

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