Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Active
Occupation Employee of Sunstone Manor
Residence Unknown
Family Information
Relationships Matt Parkman (Boss)
First Episode Sundae, Bloody Sundae
Portrayed By Robyn Hayle

Bonnie is an employee at Sunstone Manor

Heroes RebornEdit

In "Sundae, Bloody Sundae" Bonnie is at the front desk of the main building at Sunstone. A regular there, James Dearing walks in with Carlos Gutierrez. They begin talking while Carlos is tested. Everything checks out and she tells Dearing that he'll get his money soon. A little later, Dearing has become inpatient, he wants his money. Bonnie tells them that they've issued a new policy that now requires the bounty hunter to be swabbed just to make sure that EVOs aren't bringing in other EVOs. Dearing becomes nervous and he punches an orderly but before things can go any further, she sneaks up behind him and stabs Dearing in the neck with a syringe.

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