Big guy worked for Mr. Linderman, until he went with his partner, Weasel, to extort money from Niki Sanders. However, Jessica took over Niki and killed both of them.

Character HistoryEdit

Big guy Dead

Niki discovered the body of the big guy.

Big guy and Weasel knocked on Niki and Micah's home door, intending to collect money that Niki owes Mr. Linderman. When they received no answer, the big guy broke down the door. Later on, as Niki found that her home had been trashed, the big guy recorded Niki as the weasel forced her to stripe. After being punched in the face by the weasel, Niki was horrified to find the body of the big guy ripped apart by her alter ego, Jessica.[1]

After a while, Niki found the body of the big guy brutally stuffed in the trunk of a Cadillac.[2] Niki buried the bodies in the Nevada Desert.[3]