Benjamin "Knox" Washington (Villains future)
Knox (Villains future)
Power Enhanced Strength
Gender Male
Occupation Agent of Pinehearst Company
Family Information

Benjamin "Knox" Washington is a agent at Pinehearst Company. He is a EVO with the ability of Enhanced Strength.

Character OverviewEdit

In "I Am Become Death" Knox is seen to be working with Claire Bennet, Daphne Millbrook, and the Haitian in an attempt to capture or kill Peter Petrelli. When Claire becomes slightly emotional at the thought of killing Peter, Knox says that she is never afraid, a comment which angers Claire. Using Molly Walker's ability, they track the present-day Peter to Costa Verde, where he is visiting Gabriel Gray. After taking Gray's son, Noah, hostage, a fight quickly breaks out, with Knox engaging Gray. Gabriel tells Knox that he knows how his ability works, and that he isn't afraid of him, but Knox states that Noah is. Taking advantage of Gabriel's momentary distraction, Knox punches him into the table where Noah is hiding, killing the child. An enraged Gabriel then viciously attacks Knox, quickly overcoming him, before losing control of one of his abilities, causing him to explode and destroy Costa Verde. Knox is killed in the explosion.

Knox's AbilityEdit

This version of Knox seems to have not only the ability to feed off of a person's fear to enhance his strength.

See AlsoEdit

Benjamin "Knox" Washington for his present history.

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