Barbara is one in the set of triplets (along with Niki Sanders and Tracy Strauss) who was synthetically given abilities by Dr. Zimmerman. After being separated by her sisters, Barbara appears to have been raised by Dr. Zimmerman as his own daughter. Zimmerman mentioned super strength and super speed upon meeting Tracy Strauss. Considering that Niki Sanders had the ability of super strength, one can assume that Barbara has the ability of super speed.

Character HistoryEdit

One of Us, One of ThemEdit

Dr. Zimmerman, the man who delivered Niki and Tracy, initially confuses Tracy for Barbara when she visits his home in Reseda.

I Am Become DeathEdit

Zimmerman explains to Tracy how she, Niki, and Barbara were separated and given to adoptive parents after they were given evolved human abilities.

Angels and MonstersEdit

Angela explains to Nathan and Tracy that the Company injected Barbara with the contents of the formula, which gave Niki and Tracy their respective abilities.

From the Files of Primatech, Part 7Edit

In 1991, Bob Bishop and Charles Deveaux meet with their associate Jonas Zimmerman at Primetach Research. Accompanying Jonas is Barbara and Charles's daughter Simone. Charles asks his daughter if she and Barbara had fun, and Simone tells him that they just mostly drew pictures. Barbara and Simone then leave with Charles, and Zimmerman suggests that Bob experiment on Elle, like he did with Barbara. He reminds Bob that now the Company knows the full extent of Barbara's ability.


  • A picture of Barbara resides in Dr. Zimmerman's office.

Dr. Zimmerman, Barbara,unknown woman and the German