Bag and tag missions were conducted to implant a device for tracking evolved humans used by The Company. The missions were usually executed by a company employee partnered with an evolved human. The mission consisted of first neutralizing a target, then injecting them with a radioisotope for tracking by a satellite.

History Edit

Bag and tag missions were first instituted by the Company around the time when Noah Bennet was still a low level inexperianced member. The first known bag and tag mission was executed by Ivan, Maarten, and Noah, although it was presumably a failure.

The Company continued to bag and tag evolved humans all over the world until the events of the Death of Hana Gitelman, when Hana destroyed the Company's tracking satellite. This prevented the company from tracking through the use of radioisotopes, and the discovery of Molly Walker rendered bag and tag missions obsolete altogether.

List of Bagged and Tagged HumansEdit


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