Ashley was born in Birmingham, Alabama. She has been acting since the late 1980s.

She has starred in a variety of things, ranging from 'As the World Turns' (presumably where she met her first husband, Bill Shanks), to 'The Good Son' opposite stars such as McCauley Culkin.

Ashley has starred in 'American Dreams' with Matthew John Armstrong and Milo Ventimiglia. She was also in 'Nip/Tuck' with Jessalyn Gilsig, who played Meredith Gordon in Heroes. Ashley was also in 'Dragnet' with Erick Avari, who played Chandra Suresh in Heroes. Strangely enough, with her whole list of credits beside other Heroes actors, Ashley was also in 'Dark Angel' with Eric Roberts who played Company man Thompson.


Ashley was a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority at Auburn University


Ashley married Bill Shanks in 1988 and the couple divorced in 1993. She then went on to marry Heroes co-star, Matthew John Armstrong, who played the radioactive Ted Sprague.

Selected FilmographyEdit

  • Heroes
  • Minority Report
  • The Good Son
  • Champs
  • Little Big League

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