Arlington, VA is a city in northern Virginia where Claire Bennet goes to college at Arlington University. Arlington was found in 1801, formerly apart of D.C, was relocated to Virginia in 1846.
Arlington, va

Locations in ArlingtonEdit

  • Arlington University (Claire's doorm room)
  • James Martin's home
  • The Pentagon
  • Ronald Reagan International Airport
  • Casey Smith's Apartment
  • Store-It-Here

Residents in ArlingtonEdit

  • Claire Bennet
  • Allison
  • Ashley
  • Gretchen Berg
  • Emma Coolidge
  • Professor Fenton
  • Madaline Gibson
  • Kara Hayback
  • Masked sorority sister
  • Olivia
  • Casey Z. Smith
  • Sorority Sister
  • Becky Taylor


Arlington County is located directly across the Potomac River to the southwest of Washington D.C. Formerly apart of the District of Columbia, it was relocated into Virginia in 1846.


  • There is no "Arlington University" in Arlington.
  • This is the final residence of Claire Bennet for the show.
  • Arlington was apart of D.C but was relocated to Virginia in 1846.
  • Arlington was founded in 1801.

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