Annapura was the woman depicted in Parkman's painting of Hiro Nakamura in New Delhi, India. She is a bakery owner who is afraid to marry her thuggish fiancee, Deepak. However, she meets Ando Masahashi and thinks that he is a sign from God that she prayed for to tell her not to marry Deepak. After a series of events that ends up with Ando a prisoner of Deepak, Hiro takes things upon himself and stops Annapura's wedding and punches Deepak in the face, requesting that the marriage not happen and that Ando is returned. His requests are met and Annapura is happy.

Later and back at her bakery, she realizes that Ando's name seemed familiar when he told it to her. He and Hiro had received a fax from the mysterious Rebel that had been texting Claire Bennet.