Ando Masahashi is a major character of the series, an office worker at Yamagato Industries and Hiro Nakamura's best friend. Ando artificially gained the power to amplify other super human's powers and project a bolt of red electricity.


Ando is Hiro Nakamura's best friend and work colleague. He works in a programing company owned by Hiro's father, Kaito. When we are first introduced to Ando he is watching Nikki Sanders strip on her webcam.
Andos Power

Ando uses his power on Hiro in the future.

When Hiro tells Ando about his discovered power after making a Tokyo train late 14 seconds, Ando doesn't believe a word of it. Later Hiro persuades him when he brings back the ninth wonders comic book from the future in New York City. Ando then follows Hiro around like best friend helping in any way he can. He is a very humble respectable character that doesn't get jealous and is a true friend. Hiro decides that he must follow the signs of the ninth wonders comic book in order to get to his destiny. Ando goes with him as a sidekick which he doesn't like to mention. He helps Hiro steal the sword which will help Hiro control his powers. The next place they go to is Texas where they meet a sweet cafe worker.

In the third season he gained super powers via Petrelli's formula to retrieve Hiro from the past. So far, his power seems to amplify the powers of others, such as enabling Daphne to travel faster than the speed of light and into the past. Although, it has been shown in the future that he is able to project his 'sparks' in the form of red lightning as some sort of energy. This has later been proved in Shades of Gray as he projected red lightning to hit one of the agents. He is not fully in control of shooting the lightning. It appears he can be able to unlock doors with only passwords to enter as he saved Hiro in Close to You. In Brave New World Ando used his ability to blast back a security guard which shows that there is more to his ability then previously thought.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

During the first two volumes, Ando is a normal human with no abilities. In the opening episode of the third season, "The Second Coming," Hiro Nakamura travels into the future and witnesses Ando using an ability described by the writers simply as "red lightning."[1] In "Dual," Ando injects himself with the formula, revealing that the red lightning amplifies the abilities of others. He demonstrates this unintentionally by boosting the range of Matt Parkman's telepathy to cover all of New York City and increasing Daphne Millbrook's super speed to such an extent that she is able to break the spacetime barrier. In the episode "Cold Snap." Ando learns to use his power offensively, channeling his energy into powerful bolts through his hands in the classic Hadouken pose, wrists touching with palms exposed. As seen later in "I Am Sylar," Ando is able to produce a large volume of energy with greater precision, as he attacks agents inside a van with a heavy blast without affecting Hiro or the van itself.

Heroes RebornEdit

Ando has not been mentioned in the series, his status is currently unknown. Although, it is most likely he's still married to Kimiko Nakamura, Hiro's sister, who he planned to marry in Heroes, but the season ended before the marriage occur.

Trivia Edit

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