Amanda's fire-starting ability leads her to Peter. The Carnival is a haven for people with abilities. But within this dangerous world, even the arcane individuals struggle with family affairs. Such a struggle just transpired for Lydia, during a phone call with her estranged daughter, Amanda. Amanda can make objects burst into flame. But Lydia insisted Amanda stay away from the Carnival, fearing it wasn't safe. What Lydia didn't expect though, is this phone call will ignite a journey for Amanda.


After her mother sends Amanda a picture of herself, Amanda's emotions cause her to lose control of her ability, setting her room on fire. The fire soon spreads to the rest of the house and the fire brigade and an ambulance are called to the scene. Amanda's aunt is hurt in the fire but is tended to by a paramedic, Peter Petrelli. In the hospital, Amanda worries that she will hurt more people with her ability, so she tries to escape from the hospital. She exits out the back of the hospital to find Peter eating a sandwich. Before she accidentally sets him on fire, Peter runs a safe distance, exposing his ability. The two share a joke about Amanda's ability before Peter gives her advice on how to cope with her ability and with her family. This advice helps Amanda to decide to find her mother.


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