Adrian Pasdar
Adrian Pasdar
Character: Nathan Petrelli
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: April 30, 1965
Place of Birth: Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA


Adrian Pasdar is the american director and actor who plays Nathan Petrelli. He married country music star Natalie Maines on June 24th, 2000.

Acting CareerEdit

After dropping out of college, Adrian took a job with a theater group called "People's Light and Theater Company" but he was injured while on set and used the money to attend a theater institute. He is well Known for playing Jim Profit in the television series "Profit", however his first role was "Chipper" in the 1986 "Top Gun". Since then he has been in "Agents of The Shield", "The Lying Game", and has done many animated voice overs.


  • A car accident ended his high school football career
  • Never graduated from college
  • He is close friends with co-star Milo Ventimiglia

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