Adoptive muscle memory is the ability to perform any action that the user has seen.

Also calledEdit

  • Muscle mimicry
  • Mimetic Muscle Memory
  • Movement mimicry


The user of this ability is capable of copying movement such as wrestling moves, cut tomatoes into edible art, play piano, jump double dutch, and many other things—all after seeing the actions performed once. Monica is able to access any of the abilities she's copied at any time she wants, and has been shown to access them both instinctively (often without realizing it) and with perfect recall and execution each time. This ability cannot be used to replicate the powers of other post-humans, only to reproduce the reflexive muscle movements made by experienced perpetrators of the actions. It does not seem to endow the user with the knowledge behind the actions, either. (i.e. Although Monica was able to play the piano after watching Micah do so, she still didn't know how to read sheet-music.)

Known UsersEdit