Activating Evolution is a book written by the late Chandra Suresh. It describes the theory that humans have the ability to evolve into greater beings with the use of superpowers.

Many of those with powers have come across this book and have read it, trying to understand their powers better. Some of those, in the case of Maya and Alejandro, tried to reach Dr. Suresh himself in Brooklyn, New York, however after his death would only find his son Mohinder picking up where he left off.

As Mohinder encountered more with strange powers, he gave them a copy of his father's book to read, should they want to understand what is happening to them.


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Evolution is a matter of choice. When mutation is introduced, a decision is made. Nature asks, "Does this new characteristic have value? Does it repeat process? Will it benefit the species?" Let's take human flight as an example. One can imagine the ability to fly would enhance a person's chance of survival AND be attractive to the opposite sex. This makes choice easy. But as a contrast, there are mutations that could harm the positive evolution of a species. Like the ability to host a deadly virus. Naturally this type of trait is often rejected because if left unchecked, the worst cases of scenarios can occur... the extinction of the species. But in some cases, the very mutation that seems most destructive can be cured, corrected, or eradicated. Or better yet, take the virtually immoral cancer cell. Some scientists believe it actually holds the secret in keeping healthy cells alive longer. A seemingly unattractive mutation, holding the potential for something great. And that is why as beings capable of inserting ourselves into evolution's decision making process, we have the obligation to fully understand our species' mutations in order to ensure that the right choices are made. In order to ensure we do not ignore a hidden gift from nature. -- Excerpt from Chapter 5, Activating Evolution



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